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I’m Coe and I do three things fast and hard: Driving, drinking, and pleasuring women. But I gave up drinking—and drugs—a couple years ago. Which left more time to peruse the other two hobbies of mine. Because racing and women are the only time I feel free from a past that still haunts me.

That is, until you.

You are legal now and all woman. Your perfect ass is waltzing through my life, complicating the hell out of it. You’re innocent, so why are you running with a rough crowd? You know that’s not a good idea, baby. And I can’t get mixed up with that again. I have races to win and money to make. But damn you’re gorgeous. Different. Better than me. Better than everyone in this small desert town.

You should stay away from me, baby. Because if you keep tossing me those looks and biting your lip, I’ll do a hell of a lot more than be a one-time bad choice for you. I’ll take your sweet little body and mouth in ways you can’t imagine, and I’ll do it over and over. And I won’t care that you’re my enemy’s baby sister or that you’re fast becoming my new addiction and leaving in a few weeks.

So come on, baby. Come closer. I dare you.