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I’m Kade. I’ve been in the U.S. military for ten years and work at the base in the middle of the desert. I leave on the weekends and go to the only small town for a hundred miles, which is where I met:


You’re sexy and fierce and curse as sweetly as you kiss. I know this because you couldn’t keep that hot little mouth off of me last weekend. You have a thing for guys in uniform, and I’m happy to oblige you. Because you also have a thing for tattoos. I know that as well because I can still see your teeth marks on my chest next to all the ink.

You have your life, your town, and you want a man that is nothing like me. I’ve got all the darkness, but you have all the secrets. Everyone on your home turf hates me and they have a reason to. But that won’t stop me. We both know I can be an easy going guy. But I’m intense when it comes to something I want. And sweetheart, you’re what I want. So run your bar, pretend like you don’t give a shit about me, but we both know you’re thinking of the last time you screamed my name while I was buried between your thighs.

So stop hiding from me. Because I’ll not only find you, I’ll keep you. And I’m not known for my mercy.